Light & High Quality 
MANUAL  Chain Block


With a High-hardened special alloy steel load chain
Model No Size 
CSKC01025 1 TON × 2.5M
CSKC01050 1 TON × 5M
CSKC01525 1-1/2 TON × 2.5M
CSKC01550 1-1/2 TON × 5M
CSKC02030 2 TON × 3M
CSKC02050 2 TON × 5M
CSKC03030 3 TON × 3M
CSKC03050 5 TON × 5M
CSKC03070 5 TON × 7M

With a High-hardened special alloy steel load chain
Model No Size
CSKL0615 3/4 TON×1.5M
CSKL0630 3/4 TON×3M
CSKL1015 1 TON×1.5M
CSKL1030 1 TON×3M
CSKL1515 1½ TON×1.5M
CSKL1530 1½ TON×3M
CSKL3015 3 TON×1.5M
CSKL3030 3 TON×3M
CSKL6015 6 TON×1.5M
CSKL6030 6 TON×3M
 Idling Operation: 
1.Depress the retaining pawl until it hits the bottom 
   and pull the grip ring towards you.
2.The chain can be adjusted up and down by hand.
3.To terminate the idling. Set the change lever in the 
   down position.(See diagram at left).
Then, depressing the retaining pawl as far as it goes, 
push the grip ring gently so as to let the pawl engage 
the outer edge of the retaining plate.
Thereafter, grip the grip ring and handle with a single 
hand, push them in as it is rotated counterclockwise.
The retaining pawl returns to the original position.


Capacity (tons) 3/4 1 1 ½ 3 6
Standard lift (m) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Net weight (kg) 6.9 8.8 9.7 16.3 26.7
Minimum distance between hooks (mm) 295 320 325 395 590
Pull on lever to lift full load (kg) 16 18 18 33 35
Dimensions a(mm) 147 163 163 192 192
b(mm) 128 147 147 181 235
c(mm) 295 320 325 395 590
d(mm) 250 250 360 360 360
e(mm) 27 30 34 43 47

Sales Points!!

If the handle is locked under a shock load, the lock-
releasing mechanism acts to set the handle free to move.

Responsive handle
In all models, 6 pinion gear teeth and 4 load sheave pawls
offer a large speed reduction ratio. The handle is by far
more responsive.

Short handle
(Refer to dimension d in the specification on the table)
The short handle with a short stroke ensures the highest
working efficiency even in a narrow space.
Easy of quick return, and safe
The two-step "conscious" operation of pushing the positive
lever and pulling the grip ring helps prevent the accident of dropping the load due to a careless operation.
Non-bending side plate
The load-bearing side plate is independent of the brake
support so that the side plate is protected against wraping
due to a local concentration of forces.

Rugged frame
Sine one side is rigidly secured with a rivet-type stay bolt,
the frame is sturdy and free of displacement which is a
disadvantage of other levers.